December 22nd – Work Over the Xmas Week-End

December 22nd 2021


National Holidays: Saturday, December 25th, 2021 (Christmas Day), December 24th (Christmas Eve) is usually declared a holiday for certain purposes.

Stevedores: Stevedores in most ports will cease work on Friday 24th at the end of the 1st pm shift, 1900 in southern ports and 1800 at Upriver ports. Resumption of work will be principally December 26th 0100 or 0000 hours.

Tugboat Service: Tug boats will work until Friday December 24th 1900 hours and resume December 25th 0800 hours.

Customs House: Customs will consider all work performed December 24th as overtime, same as December 25th and 26th.

In special cases related to particular vessels we will report in detail.

Will keep you posted.

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