Ontur Terminal And Frigofruit Cold Store.

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Situated up river from “Muelle Ultramar” and within the free trade zone, this new wharf made of reinforced concrete, is 180 m long and 40m wide, depth alongside 10 m on its external side and 8 m in its interior side, connected to shore by a 100m concrete causeway 20 m wide; also a 300 m mooring frontage for barge operations, depth 3,5 m. The terminal operates with ocean going vessels; already delivering fruit cargo by feeder vessels to Montevideo, for further export. The cold store is 43.000 cbm; can accommodate 6000 tons and daily refrigerates over 1000 pallets of fruit at temperatures from 0 to +15ºC; the store has 8 chambers. A new 30000 sqm wood pulp deposit is available.