Center map

This complex has 3 reinforced concrete jetties numbered 1 to 3, from South to North, as follows: Nº 1 inverted “L” shaped jetty, suitable for vessels of LOA 230 m, beam 35 m, displacement 55.000 ton. Nº 2 “T” shaped jetty suitable for coastal craft LOA 110 m, beam 14 m. displacement 8000 ton. Nº3 inverted “L” shaped jetty suitable for vessels LOA 230m, beam 30 m, displacement 55.000 ton. Minimum depth alongside at all times reportedly: Nº 1 jetty 15,20 m (50 ft), Nº2 jetty 9,70 m (32 ft), Nº 3 jetty 13,10 (43 ft).
These berths are served by 4´´, 6´´, 8´´, 10´´, 12´´ and 14´´ pipelines to permit discharge of crude oil, petroleum by-products, as well as bio diesel from suppliers for the nearby refinery; discharge rate 1700 tons/h for crude.